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Author: [livejournal.com profile] thuribrandybuck
Author's Email: Thuri at GypsyPyrates dot com
Website: http://www.in-the-shire-reckoning.com/
Pairing(s): Dom/Billy
Rating: Series is G -- NC-17.
Summary: Phone calls and complications
Disclaimer: Yeah. This is sooooo not true.
Warning: AU
Authors Note: Yet another alternative universe.
(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven) (Part Eight) (Part Nine) (Part Ten) (Part Eleven) (Part Twelve) (Part Thirteen)

Eventually, the cramped position was too much, even considering the size of the tub, and Dom had to move. He groaned, softly, as he pulled himself up and shut the water off. "Big, wide ocean you said, right, Bills?"

Billy laughed, hooking his arms over the edge of the tub and pulling himself up a little, letting the water flow down and to the drain. "Aye. Why, lad? Want to go exploring?"

Dom grinned, at that, deciding he very much did, if not necessarily in the way Billy meant. Then again, with that look in those impossibly green eyes . . . maybe it was exactly what his merman lover had in mind. "In ways I couldn't've imagined, before last night," he replied, leaning in to kiss Billy thoroughly. "But I thought maybe breakfast, first?"

"Breakfast, first," Billy agreed. "Toss me a towel, Dommie?"

Dom did so, watching out of the corner of his eye, half drying himself, half puttering around the room, as Billy rubbed the towel carefully over himself, concentrating on the tail most of all. Not that Dom could see much of it, from across the room. But the fins were still resting over the end, his tail too long to fit in the tub even when he sat up. As much as he could, of course . . . Dom shook his head a little, drying his hair. And so, in that moment the towel passed in front of his eyes, missed the change. Arms slid around his stomach from behind, and Billy pressed a kiss between his shoulder blades. "Breakfast, mo cridhe?" he asked, resting his chin on Dom's shoulder.

Billy left, reluctantly, that afternoon, with a long, drawn-out kiss. "Tomorrow, lad," he promised. "Tomorrow, when the sun's overhead."

Dom smiled. "Noon, Bills," he said, kissing him back. "That's noon. Have to find you a watch."

Billy laughed, kissed him one last time, and headed down the stairs.

Dom walked back into the house, in something of a daze. Had this really just happened? Had he really spent the night with the merman from his dreams?

Well, yeah, he had. The evidence in his tub this morning had been pretty hard to ignore, after all. And the memory of Billy's silver green scales sliding beneath his fingers . . .

Dom shivered, surveying the wreck of the bedroom, the bathroom. The living room, too, they'd made love as humans again, before Billy'd left. Dom was exhausted, drained, and more content than he could've imagined. Except for the lingering surrealism of it all.

The ringing phone pulled him somewhat from his daze. "Yo," he said, answering and flopping back on the couch when he saw it was Elijah. "What's up, mate?"

"Dude, Dom, you sound happy. What gives?" Lij asked accusingly.

Dom rolled his eyes. "Thanks, Doodle. Am happy. Hell, I'm Dominic Monaghan, babe. I'm always happy. It's in the contracts." But rather than bitter, the words came out with a kind of giddiness. Something that would've, in a girl, been called a giggle.

"You're not fucked up, are you?" Lij's voice was wary, now.

"Swear I'm totally sober," Dom replied. And he was, unless mer come was an intoxicant. That thought made him giggle again.

"Oooookay," Elijah said, his tone clearly saying he wasn't touching Dom's state of mind with a ten-foot pole. "Anyway. When are you coming back?"

Dom shrugged. "Eventually. Someday. Never. Don't know yet. Why?"

"Because you've been in the ass end of nowhere for over two weeks?" Elijah suggested. "And fuck, man, you're making me sound like Astin."

Dom laughed again. "Not quite. You haven't lectured me on safety or the money I'm wasting by not working right now. You planning to?"

"No." Lij sighed. "Not yet. But you should get your ass back. Before you lose the show. It's what you've been trying for, Dom, you know that as well as I do. And running off 'cause a chick you didn't even care about dumped you . . ."

"Lij . . ." Dom's voice softened, and he sighed, too. "It wasn't like that."

"I know," Elijah replied, his voice slightly bitter, raising memories of old wounds. "Look, Dom, you know how I feel but . . . just come home? If only long enough to sort things out?"

Dom sighed again, long and soft, and nodded, though he knew Lij wouldn't see it. "I'll try. I've got some stuff happening, here, and . . . can't get away real fast."

"Meet a local?" Lij asked, his tone closer to the half-amused teasing he normally had for Dom's relationships.

"Maybe," Dom replied, on more familiar ground now.

"So bring him along," Lij suggested with a shrug. "Impress him with Hollywood, and your great success and famous friends. Offer to introduce him to Frodo."

"Couldn't do that, Frodo's too busy," Dom replied, grinning a little, though the thought of Billy in Hollywood was . . . unsettling, to say the least.

"Yeah. Well, he's a bit of a fucker, anyway," Elijah agreed thoughtfully. "But whatever gives with this guy, come back soon. Astin and I won't let you wreck yourself over this. She's not worth it."

Dom smiled a little, imaging Lij, playing with a clove, pacing as he talked, the look in his eyes . . . "I know. And I won't fuck this up, too. Promise."

Lij sighed in relief. "See you soon, then. And, uh, Astin'll probably be calling about the same thing . . ."

Dom laughed aloud. "Wouldn't be at all surprised. And Lij? I don't know if I'll convince him to come with me, but I am happy."

"Good, Dom," Elijah said softly, once again pushing down his own regrets. "I'm glad. Take care of yourself, man."

"You, too," Dom said, smile softening a little as Elijah hung up. Elijah. Brash and young and surprising vulnerable underneath it all, despite his years in Hollywood, as a child actor. And, to the American's endless frustration, like the younger brother Dom'd never had. Nothing more.
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