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Author: [livejournal.com profile] thuribrandybuck
Author's Email: Thuri at GypsyPyrates dot com
Website: http://www.in-the-shire-reckoning.com/
Pairing(s): Dom/Billy
Rating: NC-17.
Summary: In bed together
Disclaimer: Yeah. This is sooooo not true.
Warning: AU
Authors Note: Yet another alternative universe. This is a b-day fic for [livejournal.com profile] shirasade. Happy 24, Mer!
(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven) (Part Eight) (Part Nine) (Part Ten) (Part Eleven) (Part Twelve) (Part Thirteen)

"Change for me, Billy," Dom murmured, breath ghosting across his ear.


"Yes, now. Why not?"

Billy gave an exaggerated look around. "I don't see any water, do you?"

"Oh." Dom paused. "Do you need water?"

"Well, no, but it makes things a wee bit easier. More comfortable, too." Billy paused. "Why do you want me too?"

Dom blushed. "It's . . . I can't explain it, Bills. But seeing you, like that, I . . ." He pulled away, propping himself on his elbow, and looking down at Billy. And both of them, naked and still entwined from loving. "You're beautiful," he finished finally.

"Oh, Dommie . . ." Billy raised a hand to his face, looking in his eyes. For a long moment, Dom was lost in them, until he was pulled close, and Billy kissed him, long and tender, yet with that heat still shimmering behind it. "Then, aye, lad, I will." His lips quirked. "It's no . . . no very 'beautiful' to watch." He blushed faintly. "I look a bit silly, I think."

Dom kissed him again. He hadn't watched, before, not really. Always caught up in kissing, in loving, in trying to swim . . . he hadn't simply watched his lover change. But now . . . "Change for me?" he asked again, when their lips broke apart.

Billy nodded once, and closed his eyes. The change was automatic, unstoppable, when water touched him, but now . . . now he had to think a moment, to concentrate. He kept his eyes closed, as the familiar sensation came over him, as warmth spread from the center of his chest outward, down and over suddenly tightening, melting leg muscles. As his spine seemed to change, straighten, lengthen, as his fins unfolded, uncurled. As his ears grew, changed, as the scales on his skin showed again. He kept his eyes closed through Dom's startled intake of breath, not sure he wanted to see the look on his face, meet those ocean grey eyes, not yet. It was only when he felt a soft touch on his tail, that he looked. Billy stretched, turning on his side, tail lazily curling in toward his body. "Well?"

Dom grinned, drinking in the sight of him. "It . . . it wasn't that silly," he said, hand running lightly over the scales that had so recently been Billy's thigh.

Billy laughed. "That's it? That's all you're going to say?" He reached a hand up, and tugged Dom down beside him. "You appear to have a merman in your bed, Mr. Monaghan," he said, grinning wickedly. "What do you intend to do with him?

"I'd rather hoped he do something to me," Dom replied huskily, fingers trailing over Billy's hair, playing with the tip of his ear, catching in the soft almost-curls at the nape of his neck. "I've heard," he said softly, "that the song of a siren can seduce anyone, no matter how they try to resist it. What happens when they don't wish to resist?"

"They get well and thoroughly fucked," Billy replied, eyes closing at the sensations Dom's touch caused. "At least, underwater they would," he added ruefully. "I'd love to do something, quite a few somethings, to you, lad. But I'm no very mobile right now." His breath hitched softly, when Dom's hand continued down his back, and stroked right at the soft curve, where scales meant skin.

Dom continued his gentle, one-handed explorations of Billy's skin, the contrasts between scale and flesh, trying--and failing--to find where one ended and the other began. He kept his head propped up in the other hand, looking down, watching Billy's face change, watching as sunlight played across the sheen of silver over his cheeks. "Then I'll just have to do something to you." His hand came forward, trailing down the soft skin of Billy's stomach, and cupped his cock, already half hard.

Billy moaned softly, watched Dom smile as the sound came out half in mer song. "Dom . . ."

"Lie back, Billy," Dom replied, kissing him and pushing him to his back. He straddled Billy's tail, what would've been about halfway up his thighs, one hand still lightly stroking his cock.

Billy couldn't seem to keep still, under Dom's soft, sure touch, the husky tone in his voice, the look in his eyes. He moved restlessly, tail twitching, twisting, fins brushing against Dom's back as it moved in a way legs never could. "Dominic . . ." He sighed again, as Dom's hand tightened, his touch strengthened. He hadn't had to tell the lad, that this, his natural form, aroused more easily, more completely.

"Yes, Billy?" Dom asked, entranced by the way Billy writhed beneath him.

"More, lad," Billy breathed, arching his back and pressing into the touch. "Your mouth . . ."

Dom grinned widely, and slid back further, scales slick against his inner thighs. His tongue played restlessly across his lips once, before he descended, flicking it across the head of Billy's cock.

Billy's head fell back, and a soft cry escaped him. He lost himself in the heat of Dom's mouth, the slick, wet warmth of his tongue, traveling over his dry skin. One hand twisted in the already bunched sheets beneath him, the other burying itself in Dom's sunflecked hair. He cried out again, higher, incompressible to any on land, as Dom's mouth engulfed him, swallowing him to the hilt.

Dom smiled around his mouthful, at Billy's cry. He hummed, in return, throat muscles massaging the tip of Billy's cock, while he pulsed his tongue against the length. His hands pressed and kneaded against his tail, cupping his cock, no longer quite so startled by the lack of balls. Billy's odd keening intensified, and Dom hummed again, pulling back far enough quickly, as Billy arched and came.

Dom swallowed the salty fluid, no longer surprised by the taste of it, either. He slid off of Billy, and lay beside him, watching and waiting for the green eyes to clear. "Was that what you had in mind?"

Billy laughed.
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