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Author: [livejournal.com profile] thuri
Author's Email: Thuri at ThuriWeaver dot com
Website: http://www.thuriweaver.com/
Pairing(s): Dom/Billy
Rating: Series is G -- NC-17.
Summary: The end.
Disclaimer: Yeah. This is sooooo not true.
Warning: AU. And no, I’m not going to tell you what happens here, but trust me, all right?
Authors Note: Yet another alternative universe. And so we come to the end, nearly two years later. I hope you all enjoyed the ride!

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven) (Part Eight) (Part Nine) (Part Ten) (Part Eleven) (Part Twelve) (Part Thirteen) (Part Fourteen) (Part Fifteen) (Part Sixteen) (Part Seventeen) (Part Eighteen) (Part Nineteen) (Part Twenty) (Part Twenty One)

It hadn’t been his fault. Dom could admit that to himself, as he sat there, letting sand slip through his fingers. Nor his own, not really. A relationship between a mer and a human…how could they have expected it to work? It was no wonder Billy had returned to the ocean, had left him. Dom wondered now how he thought it could’ve been different, how he could’ve imagined Billy would come back with him, to Hollywood. The mer had hated it, the two weeks they’d spent there. And even if he’d eventually moved to Hawaii like the show hoped...it wouldn’t have been like Billy’s home.

Dom molded the sand beneath his fingers, a shape of scales forming. He looked at it for a moment, before raking his fingers through the half finished sculpture, destroying it again. Billy’s peridot eyes haunted him, and he hadn’t slept well since that night. That night when Billy gone back beneath the waves.

He’d sat on the beach for hours afterward, hoping that Billy would return, tell him it had been a mistake. That things could go back to the way they’d been before. But Billy hadn’t come back, and dawn had found Dom freezing and alone. He’d returned to the beach every day since, wrapped warmly, keeping vigil by the water, waiting for his lover.

It felt eerily like the first few times Billy had gone back, when Dom still hadn’t known his secret, had never caressed those green scales, never nibbled the tips of pointed ears. Now those features haunted his dreams, and he wanted nothing more than to be with Billy again. No matter what it cost him.

Lij had called, still sounding jealous, wanting to know how things were going, when Dom’s flight back was. Dom hadn’t known what to tell him, and had lied through his teeth. He knew if there had been any way to follow Billy beneath the water’s surface he would’ve taken it. Given up the show, his friends, even his family, to follow the green-eyed mer to his home.

A part of him was even angry that Billy wouldn’t do the same for him. If Dom was willing to abandon his life above the water, why was Billy intent on maintaining his below? For what else could explain this continued absence, the hole growing in Dom’s heart.

He wasn’t coming back. The lease on the cottage was up in three days, and Billy wasn’t coming back. Dom would return to LA alone, try to rebuild his life. After all, they hadn’t known each other long, he could rebound, find another lover, right?

Dom frowned, bile rising in his throat at the thought. He didn’t want another lover. He wanted Billy. That small compact body, those dangerous eyes, that wicked smile... The silly giggle and comical grin. The subtle scent of salt and seaweed, that always lingered just beneath his skin. Dom wanted it back in his life, not just in his dreams.

So he waited, cold and alone, eyes reflecting the color of the water, a flat, hopeless grey. It was over. He was alone again. All the purpose, all the reason, everything he’d thought he’d found in coming to Scotland before…it was all gone again. And now he felt even more rudderless than before. Cast adrift. Alone.

Billy swallowed hard, turning over in his bed of soft kelp, listening to the whispers outside. His grandfather, the elders, deciding. It was forbidden for mers to reveal themselves to humans, and his grandfather had known immediately, from Dom’s lack of reaction when Billy’d changed, that that was exactly what he’d done.

But the mer couldn’t find it in his heart to care. He ached for Dominic, his skin all but itching for him. He wanted the lad in his arms again, wanted to make love to him, feel him, know him. Be with him, even if it was in the city of poisoned air and sorrow.

Instead he was stuck in his room, ignoring the apologies Liv and Orli tried to give, slipping in with food when they could. Ignoring their offers of help, to snitch him better food, more information…he didn’t care now. Not without Dom.

Never had Billy thought another would so completely capture his heart, and yet it had happened. He felt incomplete without the human by his side, in his arms during sleep. Without waking to the other, teasing him from dreams and taking him to new heights. Without swimming with him, air-filled kisses passing between them again and again.

Billy needed his Dom, and was slowly losing focus without him.

One day melded into another, and Dom let them pass. He stroked himself in the night, thinking of Billy’s hands, the slickness of Billy’s scales, the talent of his mouth. During the day, he went to the ocean and waited. Soon. Soon something had to happen, something had to change. Something had to break. Dom much feared it would be he, himself.

Liv came in the dark of night, her face determined. Billy could not continue like this, and she would end it, if she could. Risk the wrath of her grandfather, the consequences. But things could not thus continue, and Billy’s situation must be dealt with. She swam closer to his room, his prison, and prepared herself for what must come.

Lij phoned over and over, but Dom had stopped picking up. Stopped answering the phone, stopped returning messages. And not from him alone. Neither Sean nor Viggo could get through, either, and Elijah’s level of panic was rising. He’d known the Scot was trouble, and booked himself a flight to Scotland. Once more he’d come to the rescue. Maybe this time, Dom would notice.

Dom had fallen asleep. He lay sprawled in the sand, moonlight on his face, dark smudges beneath his eyes. The cold night leached heat from his body as he slept, causing him to shiver without waking. Somehow in three weeks he’d lost weight and the luster, the shine, the life had somehow gone out of him. Few who’d seen the Brit before would recognize him now, though his employers might have rejoiced, and made the make-up team study for Charlie’s withdrawal look.

But he lay, asleep, seemingly broken on a small stretch of Scottish beach, hopes and dreams for the future in sharp, almost tangible shards around him.

And that was how Billy found him, when he walked forth from the ocean, unsteady legs shaking beneath him.

To say they lived happily ever after would be lying. To say they lived would be true, and to say they loved greatly would be truer. Dominic woke to find his love above him, and tears were shed on both sides as Billy spoke of his exile from his people, his escape into the dark after Liv set him free. But no mer would follow him on land, and he told Dom in a shaking voice that it wouldn’t have mattered, in any case. His home was in the human’s arms.

Elijah found them tangled together on the living room floor, when he arrived, and felt himself an idiot for making the trip. He’d covered for himself, but for once his excuses seemed to fall from unpracticed lips, and Dom seemed to notice. Lij wouldn’t answer his questions, though, and merely helped them pack, wondering why Billy had so little if he was truly coming to live with Dom in the States.

And come he did, first setting up in Dom’s small apartment, then later moving—with great relief—to the Hawaiian sunshine. The water he now swims in is warm and clear, the mer he knows darker skinned, their songs oddly accented. But they have accepted him—and his human lover—and welcome them into their world. Things are more relaxed, in that world of sun and surf, and Dom and Billy continue to make their life together. For Dom was lost, and then found, and now counts himself lucky to be so.

Yet Elijah still yearns. And Billy’s eyes still turn to the east, and home, haunted by something he will not speak of, even to his lover.

But all that, my friends, must wait for another time. For this part of the tale (tail?) has ended.
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