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Author: [livejournal.com profile] thuri
Author's Email: Thuri at ThuriWeaver dot com
Website: http://www.thuriweaver.com/
Pairing(s): Dom/Billy
Rating: Series is G -- NC-17.
Summary: And they're off!
Disclaimer: Yeah. This is sooooo not true.
Warning: AU
Authors Note: Yet another alternative universe. Posted today through the nagging of [livejournal.com profile] kerryfromcali.
(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven) (Part Eight) (Part Nine) (Part Ten) (Part Eleven) (Part Twelve) (Part Thirteen) (Part Fourteen) (Part Fifteen) (Part Sixteen) (Part Seventeen) (Part Eighteen)

Dom was in the bath, when Billy returned. He smiled, hearing the soft splashes from the bathroom, and shed his clothes through the house, already thinking of how good the water would feel on his itching skin. "Hullo, Dommie," he said, leaning against the bathroom door after shutting it behind him, naked and erect already.

Dom felt his mouth go dry, at the sight before him. "'lo, Bills," he managed, even as he hardened. He swallowed, as Billy pushed off the door and came closer. "Missed you, today."

A smile curved the mer's lips. "Missed you, too, lad. You look lonely, in there..."

Dom swallowed again, and nodded, pushing himself back against the edge of the tub, offering more room to Billy. "Definitely lonely." He grinned, then, hand curling around his own cock, as it hardened in the warm water. "Thinking about you, all by myself... Nearly forced to take matters into my own hands, you know." His head fell back a little, as he dragged his thumb over the head of his cock.

Billy sat on the edge of the tub, watching him, green eyes hooded. "Dom..."

"Want me, Bills?" Dom purred. "I want you."

And, with a low growl, Billy slid into the water and took him.

An hour or so later, they were on the bed, Billy stretched out as Dom explored his tail lazily, tracing scales and trying to tickle him. "Bills, what’re we gonna tell people?”

“Hmm?” Billy asked, twitching his tail away yet again.

“About how we met, and all? About who you are?”

Billy shrugged, not wanting to think about it. “I got a passport and all today. I’m Billy Boyd, parents both deceased, with an older sister in Glasgow. And we met on the beach, aye? On vacation, from my job as a bookbinder, of all things.”

Dom blinked. “Oh. Oh. Um, that’s what we’ll tell them, then.”

Billy twisted, kissing Dom firmly. “I don’t want to think about leaving here, about what’ll happen when we do. I want to think about this, the two of us, here, holding each other...” He wormed his tail between Dom’s legs. “Please?”

Dom swallowed hard, as Billy’s eyes locked him in. “All right,” he murmured.

But there was no ignoring it, the day they left. Billy had a suitcase full of new clothes that Dom had insisted on buying for him. He felt awkward about it, but the Brit would accept no payment in return, even if he’d been able to change pearls and ancient coins. “We’re nearly the same size, and I can wear all of it later, if...” But there Dom trailed off, not wanting to think of a time he wouldn’t be with Billy.

So Billy had agreed. And after that things seemed to move too quickly. In no time at all, they were leaving the beach, in Dom’s rented car, and driving for an airport. Billy watched the ocean recede behind them, a clenching in his gut he simply couldn’t ignore. He’d be back, right? He had to be...

“All right?” Dom asked, reaching over and squeezing his hand lightly.

Billy managed a soft smile, and squeezed back. “I’m with you, aren’t I? Means I’m fine.”

Dom blushed. “Oh. Are you ready for this? The airport... it’s going to be rough, I think. Crowded and busy and a lot of walking...”

Billy bit his lip, but nodded. “I’ll be fine. Might need to rest, after... but I can make it as far as needed. Don’t worry about me, Dom. I’ll keep up.”

Dom nodded, squeezing his hand again, before pulling onto the motorway. “I’ll walk beside you.”

Billy remembered his promise, as they hurried through the halls of Heathrow, crowded and loud and more overwhelming than anything he could have imagined. So different from the cool green world beneath the waves, as he was shoved in the security line again, as Dom whispered more instructions, on what to wear through the odd plastic gateway, and what to take off. His fingers fumbled over the buttons on his jacket, and he cursed in mer without thinking. It disappeared under the buzz of the room, but he flushed when Dom pressed against him a little. “All right, love?”

“Fine,” he replied, finally pulling the coat off. “Wishing I could make you visit my home... but fine.”

He walked through the gate, not even panicking when he was pulled aside, his belt buckle setting off the loud alarm. Lady of the Waves. If this was leaving Britian, what would arriving in LA be like?

He gathered his things together again, struggling into his jacket, envious of Dom’s ease with the whole pointless production.

“Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Lij dropped down onto Sean’s couch. “What is he playing at?”

Sean looked up and raised eyebrow. “Resident Evil?”

“Ha. Very funny.” Lij sprawled out, slinging his leg over the arm. “He’s bringing that Scot back with him.”

“I know. He told me. He sounds happy.”

“He’s deluded.”

Sean hid a grin and shook his head. “He’s Dom. It goes without saying.”

“He thinks he’s in love. And he hasn’t been gone that long. What’s he going to do when this falls through? You know what he’s like when he breaks up with someone. I don’t want to have to put him back together again.” Lij sighed. “This is a mistake.”

“Maybe,” Sean agreed mildly, thinking that Lij would probably enjoy putting Dom back together. And then taking him to pieces over and over and over again.
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